"We Will Wok You!" - Brussels Coudenberg International Weekend

We will.. we will.. WOK you!!!

Dear friends of Rotaract,

It is with the utmost pleasure that Rotaract Brussels Coudenberg International invites you to take part to the 11th edition of its famous International Weekend!

This year it will take place during 17-19th May 2019, and the weekend will be filled with all your favourite things from Asia.
The highlight of the weekend is our famous gala party on the evening of 18th of May - dress code: “Asiatique c'est fantastique!” Don’t forget to bring your best Asia related outfit! :)

There is much more to our weekend than just the gala:
- A Japanese Karaoke soirée on Friday night! (price not included and to be comunicated to those joining us Friday evening on the 17th)
- A Tea Ceremony on Saturday around lunch time! (extra 12€)
- Rotaract goes to the Brussels Gay Pride Parade! (Free optional activity, no booking required)
- A Korean Barbecue Brunch on Sunday! (extra 30€)

Ready to be WOKed?

Join us - registrations are OPEN!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

Buddha (€309.00)
Pokeballs (€239.00)
Hello Kitty (€169.00)
Itadakimasu (€89.00)
Kim Jong-un (€30.00)
Buddha (+ Korean Brunch Sunday) (€339.00)
Pokeballs (+ Korean Brunch Sunday) (€269.00)
Hello Kitty (+ Korean Brunch Sunday) (€199.00)
Itadakimasu (+ Korean Brunch Sunday) (€119.00)
Kim Jong-un (+ Korean Brunch Sunday) (€60.00)
Buddha (+ Saturday Tea Ceremony) (€321.00)
Pokeballs (+ SaturdayTea Ceremony) (€251.00)
Hello Kitty (+ SaturdayTea Ceremony) (€181.00)
Itadakimasu (+ Saturday Tea Ceremony) (€101.00)
Kim Jong-un (+ Saturday Tea Ceremony) (€42.00)
Buddha (Korean Brunch Sunday + Saturday Tea Ceremony) (€351.00)
Pokeballs (Korean Brunch Sunday + Saturday Tea Ceremony) (€281.00)
Hello Kitty (Korean Brunch Sunday + Saturday Tea Ceremony) (€211.00)
Itadakimasu (Korean Brunch Sunday + Saturday Tea Ceremony) (€131.00)
Kim Jong-un (Korean Brunch Sunday + Saturday Tea Ceremony) (€72.00)
Korean Brunch Sunday (€30.00)
Saturday Tea Ceremony (€12.00)

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May 17, 2019 - May 19, 2019 (GMT +00:00 UTC)

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NH Collection Brussels Centre
7 Boulevard Adolphe Max, 1000 Brussels, Belgium